You approach a warm and inviting tavern…

Kasperle, Innkeep to The Glowing Fool Tavern

Greetings weary traveler! Come in! Come in! Forget what frightens you, and pull a chair!

What news do you bring from the outside? We have just discovered this wonderful new game, and have been enjoying it with each other’s company. Have you heard of it? It’s called Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), would you like to join us?

You haven’t heard of D&D? Well, let me take this opportunity to introduce you to it then! It is quite the experience! D&D is a tabletop role-playing game, it is played with nothing but some pen, paper, dice, and your imagination. Anything is possible! It really is quite brilliant. And dare I say that this is a game that everyone should experience at least once. Why don’t you try playing with us for a while, and see if it’s something you would like to explore with your friends?

Why don’t you sit back, grab some dice, create a character, and let’s play some Dungeons and Dragons.

Oh, where are my manners? Welcome, to The Glowing Fool.


About Us

We believe that the world would be a better place, if everyone played D&D. So much so, that we are trying to make that world a reality. We hope to introduce as many people as possible to the wonders of playing D&D. Whether that be through introducing people to it for the first time. Or teaching people how to run games for themselves.

To learn more about us, check out our first blog post.