Player Profiles: Tiffany Wu

Anyone can play D&D, and a D&D player can come from anywhere. Our “Player Profile” series hopes to highlight the diverse backgrounds of D&D players that have passed through our doors.

Tell us about yourself, what’s your background?

Greetings all who visit my humble Player’s Profile, I’m Tiffany, a Customer Support, Technical Support and Marketing manager of a small local company here in Hong Kong.

I’ve been quite the international traveler and studied abroad in Shanghai, Singapore and Vancouver before moving back to Hong Kong. Each city has its unique charms and sometimes I find myself missing the technological convenience of Shanghai, the Hawker Centers of Singapore and the slow sedentary lifestyle of Vancouver, but home is where family is and I’ve moved back. 

International travellers tends to make lots of friends in far flung reaches and those friends tend to travel too. My Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) journey began when I found a Meetup group playing a Ravnica Campaign in Sheung Wan. Prior to this game, I had just learnt of D&D and was following the chaotic livestream of Dark and Dicey, DMed by Kaiji Tang. I was instantly hooked, the funny character interactions, the unexpected twists and turns and the sheer freedom of causing more trouble to see how the world reacts. Sorry DMs, but it’s fascinating to see elements and characters bounce off each other to create unexpected stories and adventure.

Storytelling has always been a large part of my life so it’s not unexpected that I’d fall so quickly in love with D&D. Mythology, and fantasy books have been my constant companions when growing up. Fanciful tales of exploring exotic locations have been my daydreams and books my constant companion. Short stories from a variety of fictional genres, myths, legends and fairytales from around the world, I cannot help but to explore tales of the world. 

Tell us about your D&D character

Anarchy is fun and chaos has infected my soul, all my characters despite my best effort have been agents of Chaos and welp I’ve leaned into it.

Quirky Star
Art by NAVIVANnn

Quirky Star is a Tabaxi Sorcerer who is cat-like in stereotypical ways. Fortune’s favourite and chosen one, combined with disregard for friendly fire, makes for a highly entertaining and surprisingly amicable character. 

Raised in a Tabaxi Tribe in ancient conflict with a rival Gnoll Tribe, the Chosen Ones of each tribe must face each other in a ritualistic combat condensed over generations of bloody combat. Selected for her Snow Leopard coloration and magical affinity, Quirky was selected at an early age and treated with great reverence and indulgence. However training at the Monastery was too much discipline and responsibility. Ironically the only one there who she could relate to was the Gnoll Chosen One; Harrundarrah. Harrundarrah believed that both of their tribes had become weak and decadent. He saw the whole training temple as an example of how fearful they were of real conflict. In the end one night by working together they both were able to escape. However at the appointed time Quirky knows that they must face each other in battle.

Defying expectations of hiding, Quirky joined a group to become a franchise of Acquisitions Incorporated for fun, entertainment, and gold. During their first mission, deep within the depths of Waterdeep, Quirky had found an Orrery that allowed her to form a connection to a creature she refers to as Ancient Cat God (ACG). The ACG grants her a Warlock Pact in return for a favor at a later date. Now armed with eldritch powers, Quirky sets off to forge her own fate. 

Why do you play D&D?

Fun. Fun. Fun! I play D&D for the unexpected elements of the story and the sheer chaos I can cause with my characters. 

Personally, the greatest part of D&D is collaborative storytelling, and the stories that are created from it. Each D&D party is a whole cast of contrasting personalities joined together for a mission or quest and it’s up to the players and the DM to make the motley crew achieve their goals. Do they work together, or interfere with each other, backstab and blackmail or bond over mutual interests? Each player adds a new variable to the story, making the story more complex and unexpectable.

Do you know what my favorite part of D&D is? In the end, no matter what the lead up is, D&D is a bunch of friends, gathered together asking fate (or dice) to determine the fate of our characters to create a unique story untold.